Fiber to the Premise Solutions

Velocity Fiber is an exciting new Gigabit fiber to the premise solution from Velocity Telephone.

It is brand new infrastructure using state of the art fiber optic technology bringing the fastest speeds right to your doorstep. This is not fiber to the street, or fiber to the neighborhood, we bring fiber directly into your business with no copper or coax to slow you down.

Below are maps of our main Fiber footprints. We also have tabs specific to particular areas of projects we are working on, so please explore those as well. Our Fiber footprint is continually growing and we can provide Fiber in many parts of the Twin Cities Metro area, even those not on the maps below. To find out if your business can get fiber, call 763-222-1004 or email

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Metro Ethernet service combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across metropolitan area/wide area network (MAN/WAN) to deliver low cost, scalable, and secure bandwidth.

This truly Enterprise grade solution provides bandwidth in increments to meet your companies needs while providing the high uptime required to insure productivity.

Please contact one of our sales representatives for pricing and options on our Metro Ethernet products:

Velocity Telephone has partnered with the City of Eagan to give the Eagan business community additional options for Internet, phone and data solutions through AccessEagan.

AccessEagan is a 16.2 mile open access wholesale fiber network owned by the City of Eagan. Velocity Telephone will use this partnership to reach additional customers and expand our Fiber footprint in Eagan.

For more information about our partnership, please read our Joint Press Release.

For more information on AccessEagan visit:

Velocity has recently expanded our Fiber footprint to provide service to businesses into Lakeville’s Air Lake Industrial Park. We’ve recently connected our first customer in the business park, and have plans to expand to as many customers in the area as we can reach.

For more information about our expansion into AirLake, please read our Joint Press Release with anchor customer, Imperial Plastics.

To find out how your AirLake business can get connected, please email or call 763-222-1004.

Fiber is generally more reliable than copper as it is less susceptible to water damage and degradation. Additionally, all of our fiber drops and equipment are new and have not spent years or even decades in the ground like many copper based solutions. Copper cross connects are one of the primary causes of copper failures; fiber has far fewer cross connects than copper as it can run for much longer spans than copper based solutions, and the cross connects for fiber are typically much more reliable than traditional copper cross-connects.

VelocityFiber includes at least two fiber runs to each location. One fiber run can fail and the other will keep your data and services flowing.

Not only can we deliver higher levels of throughput to you today, with Velocity Fiber we can increase your speed even further in the future simply and without incurring downtime or equipment changes. With high speed fiber infrastructure buying more throughput to meet future needs is simple, fast, and easy.

Low Latency
Lower Latency is a key component in achieving faster response times for individual users. Once you have enough throughput, often the only way to make your web browser and email faster is to lower latency. This is due to the nature of TCP/IP which requires packets be acknowledged before more packets are sent for any single TCP/IP connection. By shortening latency, you can exchange more packets faster, which can mean faster web browsing, faster email loads, and increased responsiveness for many of the tasks you perform.

Local Support
Get local, responsive technical support. We know our customers, and you won't need to start over each time you speak with us. Our responsiveness is one of the primary reasons our customers recommend us.

Super Simple Installation
Configuration of your new VelocityFiber port is simple. We provide a simple Ethernet handoff and a static IP. Plug your router or firewall in, configure your static IP address, and you are up and running! It's that easy.

“The solution Velocity presented was unique and cost-effective. Our Airlake facility has had limited technology services available for some time and it is refreshing to finally find a local company willing to invest in the infrastructure to bring next generation broadband technology to our business community. We believe Fiber will improve our operations productivity and efficiency, and give us the speeds and reliability unrivaled by the incumbent copper, coax and wifi technologies previously available. Velocity was extremely creative in how they interconnected our locations, integrating multiple legacy technologies with our Fiber connection, which should streamline processes and communications across our entire organization.”
- Bob Peterson, IT Manager for Imperial Plastics

"Adding the fiber link to our office has allowed us to not only dramatically increase our bandwidth, but also allows us the opportunity to incrementally increase bandwidth as we need, either long term, or for just a short time to facilitate a special project. We also have redundancy in our connections that we did not have before."
- Steve Ludvigson, Cerasis, Inc.

"I was the first Eagan Community Fiber customer. I have never had a more reliable and stable internet connection, and it is faster and less expensive than all other options we have looked at! I did a download of a 320MB file in 3 minutes. All I know is its FAST and the latency is essentially zero. I am also using it to provide all my Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery services."
- Todd Kerin, Machine Tool

"Replacing two DSL lines with Velocity fiber has increased our speed, up and down the pipe. It has simplified management of our technical infrastructure, and the personalized service has strengthened our confidence in uninterrupted uptime."
- Dave Piepkorn, Network FOB, Inc.

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