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Velocity Virtual Office: Your Work From Home Solution!

Velocity Virtual Office is uniquely situated to help you work from home. The flexibility of VoIP both allows for instruments to be easily moved around the office, or to a new office, and our mobile app works great to fill in when you are away from the office or temporarily working from home.

In most environments, phone instruments can be unplugged and moved temporarily to another network and the phone will register and simply work from that network, including home networks. Keep in mind when doing so, your 911 agreement and setup is for use only at the location the phone was originally installed. If you plan to work from another location, such as home, for an extended period of time, be sure to contact us and have your phone’s 911 location information updated in the PSAP (emergency services) database.

If you just need to make some phone calls from your office phone and are not in the office or are working from home on the fly, install our mobile app. Our mobile application can be found on the Apple App Store and on Google Play by searching for “Velocity Virtual Office”. Once installed, use your web login credentials for our regular portal with the mobile app, and you are ready to go.

The mobile app allows you to add and update Find Me / Follow Me rules which will conditionally ring your cell phone for incoming calls to your desk phone. This allows you to easily get calls to your desk phone when you want, from whom you want, by simply having them ring to your mobile phone. Set rules by time of day, day of week, or even by caller ID for just certain callers.

Velocity Virtual Office was built from the ground up to be your flexible, in the Cloud phone solution. We’ve been excelling in this space for over a decade, and are ready to make your work life more flexible in order to meet your company goals and business demands.

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