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New Phone Models Introduced

Velocity Telephone has tested and released two new phone models in the GRP series for our Virtual Office platform.  We are pleased to announce the Grandstream GRP2616 and GRP2615 with GBX20 colorscreen side car.  These new models will compliment our existing line of GRP2614 and GRP2612W carrier grade phone models. 

The GRP2616 boasts Dual Color LCD Displays with a large 4.3 inch Main Display, 6 line keys, 24 speed dials/busy lamps with dedicated LCD display, Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, and Dual Gigabit Ports. 

The GRP2615+GBX20 combination includes the GRP2615 carrier grade phone and one Color LCD Extension Module, Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and Dual Gigabit Ports.  The GRP2615+GBX20 sidecar provides 20 dedicated keys, which allows for 40 speed dial/busy lamps.  The GRP2615 is able to support up to four GBX20 Extension Modules for a total of 80 dedicated keys, which provide 160 speed dial/busy lamps.

Please see our Phone Models sheet for pictures and full details on our phone models.

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